Black Out

installation, 2017

„Black Out“ consists of 19 displays in various sizes, framed and exhibited as an assemblage of objects. Being dismantled from devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones, the displays are non-functional and show no image at all. By negating their defining properties, the artist ironically presents the objects as an image of a non-image, questioning the understanding of the image as a representation in the age of virtual reality. The blackout is more than a device malfunction because the display itself doesn't just represent or reproduce the image, but seems to interact with it in a specific way defined by the properties of the display and the social aspects of its everyday use.

„Black Out“ is not just the assemblage of objects; it is the ready-made as well, The work „Black Out“ conusing idea as conceptual material for the work. More than just referring to suprematist idea of a non-image, artist reinvents it in a contemporary context, noticing and subtly presenting the ironical aspects of the objects exhibited; their nature and purpose, and their material and social value in society, while simultaneously rethinking the ontological qualities of the image reproduced in contemporary means - in a society oversaturated by images. Under these circumstances, the work „Black out“ becomes an ironical anti-landscape of images that could be, an image of a non-image.

Nikola Njavro

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